Diego Kolsky Misses the Serendipity of Chance Encounters

In this fourth episode, I was fortunate to interview Diego Kolsky, design leader, partner in New York brand consultancy, and design professor at Pratt. Diego talks about the resilience of New Yorkers during Coronavirus and 9/11. What Diego misses the most is the serendipity of chance encounters that inspires creative ideas.

Diego leads cross-disciplinary teams working on innovations, deep transformations and high-impact design initiatives. He works with studio teams, large corporations and young startups across sectors, from airlines to technology companies, through retail, hospitality, consumer products, and destinations. He is based in New York City and works for clients across the Americas, Asia and Europe. He also is a design professor at Pratt. Diego is a partner at independent brand consultancy The Velo Group and teaches at Pratt Institute.

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