Silvio Sangineto Makes a Move During Quarantine

Debut episode #1 for Recliner Designer podcast is with guest Silvio Sangineto, an Italian UX designer working in San Francisco and about to move to Redmond, WA. Silvio shares his amazing experiences working around the world and how he started his new job at Microsoft while under quarantine. Born in a little town in southern Italy (Paola),  Silvio spent his last 10 years working in several countries. Currently Principal UX Designer at Microsoft, he led 60+ projects about products, services, and ecosystems at Macy’s, Toyota, BNP Paribas, and many more. Silvio is actively involved as a speaker, mentor, and judge in several organizations, and in the last few years, he started his journey to share a design framework to empower people to achieve more. Silvio has introduced me to the best pizza places in San Francisco!

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