Radek Taraszka Shares How to Unplug from Work During Quarantine

For the 10th episode of the podcast, I had the great pleasure to “travel” to Poland to chat with Radek Taraszka, a product design lead at UXPin, a UX design and prototyping software company based in Gdańsk, Poland. My favorite lesson Radek gained from the pandemic was his needing to learn to unplug from work at home. He did this by removing Slack and email from his phone, thereby creating a barrier from notifications taking over his home and family life. Radek also feels that even with all the tools we have (Slack, Zoom, UXPin, etc.), it is difficult to build a company culture and show true appreciation to people for their work. He said this can be especially hard for a company that creates innovative and disruptive products.

Radek has worked at UX Pin for 5 years. He is responsible for delivering the part of the software focused on hand-offs between designer and engineers. Prior to working as a UX designer, Radek was a product manager. UXPin was one of the first web-based UX design and prototyping tools.

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