Momo Estrella on Coming Out of Pandemic in China and the Need for Radical Optimism

Momo Estrella is an interaction designer in Shanghai, China leading UX at IKEA. He talks about his experience transitioning from IDEO to IKEA in the middle of the pandemic and how strange it was coming out of quarantine a month and a half ago to go to work. He shares tips for transitioning back to creative life through radical optimism.

Momo has 20 years of experience across Film & Animation, Digital Product Design, and Experience Strategy. In the last decade he has helped to set the vision, culture, and capabilities to sustain human-centered innovation in companies like EF Education First, Imagination, and IDEO. He currently serves as the Design Director / Head of UX at IKEA. This has guided his endeavors as a writer, industry speaker, and board advisor. He is currently authoring a book on Design & Leadership and the space in between. He lives with his very-happy son, and his very-cool wife in Shanghai. Learn more about Momo.

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