Leandro Agro’: Experimental Zoom Backgrounds, the New Office Space and Tech to Bring People Closer

Leandro Agro‘, Design Director at Design Group Italia, shares his thoughts on ways to create more engaging collaborative video calls. He attempts to bridge the physical and digital by bringing in objects and green screen elements to create “stages” to make each online workshop truly unique. When I asked him for advice to designers, he said we need alternative ways to be close to each other across distances, as traveling will be problematic for the foreseeable future. He thinks designers should help come up with ways to bring humanity together.

Leandro Agro is a design director and technology designer at Design Group Italia. He loves to create, nurture, grow, and scale design teams; and has done it a number of times, usually in a tech environment. He led the development of the very first smartphone UI (3G) and has contributed to patents for eye-tracking, mobile, and video. His dream is to design intelligent, transparent and human-centric tech because he thinks Star Trek is inevitable and we are here to build it.

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