Jaime Levy on Keeping UX Strategy Relevant

I had a great time speaking with the author, university professor, and UX strategist Jaime Levy.  Her best-selling book UX Strategy: How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want gets top results for UX on Amazon and has just come out in its second edition. I was excited to hear about her career and how she approached the second edition of her book. We had a fun walk down memory lane hearing about her upbringing in LA where she was exposed to the entertainment industry. While she initially wanted to become a filmmaker, like many creatives in the 90s she turned to digital media and eventually the all-new internet and launched a career in interface design, animation, information architecture, and eventually UX strategy. Working as a UX strategist while teaching courses at USC, she used her 30 years of consulting and academic experiences to write UX Strategy. She currently lives in Berlin, conducts workshops worldwide, consults, and is discovering the joy of hanging out in the middle of the day instead of constantly working.

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