Helen Kokk in Estonia Says Now is the Time for Bold Decisions

In our 7th episode of Recliner Designer, I had the great pleasure to speak to Helen Kokk, a lead service designer from Tallinn, Estonia. Helen told me why Tallinn has the most tech startups in the EU. She explains that Estonia’s X-Road, a centrally managed data exchange layer allows organizations to send information over the Internet using confidentiality and interoperability between parties. She stays focused during Coronavirus by imagining her next day like a movie. Helen also makes a strong suggestion to all designers in the world that during pandemic “everyone is at home looking for solutions and now is the time for making bold decisions.”

Helen Kokk, User Experience and Service Design Lead at Nortal, has almost 15 years of experience with user experience and user interface design. She’s passionate about entrepreneurship, branding and identity. Kokk has helped clients rethink their approach to the UI and UX for their services on numerous occasions and would be happy to do the same for you.

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