ECD at Ogilvy Shanghai, Darren Crawforth, Says Advertising in China Has Changed Dramatically During the Pandemic

In this 17th episode, I talk with Darren Crawforth, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy Shanghai. Darren shared his experience going back to the office in China. He talks about the different mindset in China compared to other parts of the world and the infrastructure in China set up to manage the Coronavirus. As a creative leader at the largest international agency in China, he shares how his team worked during the pandemic and how he found their work sped up and became more focused. He also mentioned the downside of the always-on life at home leading to overwork at one stage. Now back to the office, he feels that large group meetings aren’t as efficient as they were working during the lockdown.

Darren shares about the interesting changes in the ways brands are now doing ad campaigns in China to be more appropriate and relevant during Coronavirus. He also talks about the shift to doing advertising on e-commerce and live streaming in China. Specifically, he explains the very unique Chinese way the TMall site has become a powerful ecosystem for content, advertising, and shopping, where consumers spend much time than on Amazon in the U.S.

Darren Crawforth was born and raised in the East Midlands, UK. His work has taken him around the world including New York, Boston, LA, Beijing, and Shanghai, where he currently calls home. He’s helped to define and design some of the world’s largest global brands such as Korean Air, Volkswagen, Johnny Walker, Hennessy, Burberry, Intercontinental Hotel Group, and TOMS Shoes. He’s as crazy about boundary-pushing electronic music as he is about understanding the mysteries of pickle fermentation. He currently lives in Shanghai with his wife and 3 rescue dogs.

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