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Esen Karol Shares About Design Culture in Istanbul and Her Work Creating It

I had a very inspiring chat with graphic designer, educator, cultural critic, and event organizer Esen Karol, who is based in Istanbul, Turkey. Esen shared her personal journey of...

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Electrolux Chief Design Officer, Pernilla Johansson, Says Physical Distance is No Longer a Limitation

I was very fortunate to speak with Pernilla Johansson, Chief Design Officer at Electrolux, and based in Stockholm, Sweden. I enjoyed our very full discussion about her journey to...

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Leandro Agro’: Experimental Zoom Backgrounds, the New Office Space and Tech to Bring People Closer

Leandro Agro‘, Design Director at Design Group Italia, shares his thoughts on ways to create more engaging collaborative video calls. He attempts to bridge the physical and digital by...

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iHeartRadio’s EVP of UX, Uta Knablein, Talks About Leading Her UX Team Remotely During COVID-19

It was a truly fascinating opportunity to speak with Uta Knablein about her UX design team’s work doing research and design at iHeartRadio during the pandemic. Uta offers much-needed...

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Ovetta Sampson: From Wanting to be Queen of England When 9 to Her Role as CD at Microsoft

I was very lucky to speak with Ovetta Sampson, Principal Creative Director at Microsoft. I enjoyed our animated discussion about how she got her start wanting to be the...

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Mauro Porcini Has Learned the Value of Slowing Down

Lockdown has given Mauro Porcini, Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo, the chance to slow down, enjoy the small details of life, and write a book that captured his life...

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Lance Shields

Podcast Creator and Host

Lance is Head of International Design within Adobe Design. He leads a team of designers and engineers whose mission is to create international-first solutions to help Adobe grow in new markets. He started Recliner Designer podcast to support designers and design leaders during Covid-19.

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